Free and paid webhosting

If you want to use either of theese offers, please contact me on [email protected]

Free hosting

I am able to host your website free of charge on my servers, however, there is a few conditions :

-No support as long as the server are running as it should

-Site must be clearly marked with “Hosted for free by khazaa.com”

-Your domain name must be pointed to my cloudflare nameservers. I will set up your DNS entries for you.

-Resourses will be limited : 200gb diskspace, 1 MySql database, 500gb bandwidth

Paid hosting

If you think you need more storage, bandwidth of support, you need to choose paid hosting. Here, ALL the limits are removed. That means you will get unlimited storage, unlimited databases, daily backup of all your data, and support from me whenever needed. The price here is 10$ each month as long as i have capasity on my servers. Contact me for more information.