Status of servers

Here you can check status on my servers. Note that my private server have NONE paying customers to it, and is often unstable or even offline because i am testing out new stuff.

My personal server services :

Apache : Operational

MySQL : Operational

Teamspeak 3 server : Operational

Phproxy : Operational

Openvpn : Currently offline

Plex mediaserver : Operational


Customer servers:

I only list the hosts here, not the individual services. If there is a issue with a server, i will specify what the problem is, and update the blog on the front page. If you are not sure what server hosts your services, please check your confirmation email with your service information. If you experience issues with your services and there is no information here, please contact me at [email protected]

web01.khazaa.com is operational

web02.khazaa.com is operational

web03.khazaa.com is operational

web04.khazaa.com is operational

vps01.khazaa.com is operational

vps02.khazaa.com is operational

vps03.khazaa.com is operational

vps04.khazaa.com is operational

vps05.khazaa.com is operational

vps06.khazaa.com is operational

vps07.khazaa.com is operational

vps08.khazaa.com is operational

vps09.khazaa.com is operational

cloud01.khazaa.com is operational

cloud02.khazaa.com is operational

mail01.khazaa.com is operational

mail02.khazaa.com is operational