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I have now updated a few pages in the menu. Check it out!

All systems are now running on my new more powerful server. All data transfers are done, so downloads are now up again, and everything should work as normal.

I am still tweaking configs and moving some files, but everything should be good to go again now. There has been no downtime on this website during this server swap.

Due to the load on my private server, and the need for a few more TB of storage, i will be upgrading the server tomorrow. I will start transfer files tonight, so the network might be slow on this page for 24 hours now. The downloads are taken down to make sure the transfer goes as fast as possible.

Right now, there is nothing interesting there, but the folder and the link is there. I will update it with files over some time. The folder will contain files i use often myself. If you want me to upload a specific file, contact me and i will look into it.

The “server status” in the menu now works, and there is now a list with most of my services and all customer servers there, so you can check status if you experience any troubles.


It seems like my webserver is crashing at random times right now. Suspecting raid controller or a memory stick. Investigating…

I`ve added alot of things to the menu now, to plan out the layout and content of the site. Because of that, there is alot of pages in the menu who are blanks at the moment.

I`ve added my teamspeak server and information about it to the menu now.

I have now added website hosting in the menu. There will be 1 free and 1 paid plan here. Check it out for more information.

The page might be subject to change, contact me for exact information if you are interested.

I will start running updates on my webserver now. The webpage might be offline for up to 30 minutes.