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I`ve been a little busy the last few days, and because of that the webpage has not been updated anymore. I will spend more time here after the weekend.

Simple page with contact information is added to the menu.

I have set up a FTP server now that everyone can access. You will find more information under “Files” in the menu.

There has been easter here in Norway now, and therefore today is the first working day after the holiday. I have some meetings and things like that i need to go to today, but later tonight, i will start filling out some services to this webpage. Mediaserver, phproxy script, a few downloads and so on will be added, just because i can. There will also be set up a page where you can rent virtual servers directly from me, if you feel that you are in need of a virtual server. There will be created a few guides on how to install common software on servers and things like that also.

So far it looks like the servers are doing fine – They are stable and secure, and it looks like the performance is good, even under heavy load. In the beginning there was some network problems with a few ip adresses, but that should be fixed now.

I will start moving all virtual servers that you awesome people are hosting with me also today. There will be a change in your ip adress, but your old ip adreess will work for another week. Check your email to see if you are affected by this.


Everyone that uses my plex library should now have access again.

Everyone that have paid services hosted on my servers should now be online again. A email will be sent with some additional information.

The server is currently installing a few terrabytes from a backup from my old server, and will be under heavy load for a few more hours. If you have any service hosted with me, please be patient.

And servers are beeing set up. This will be my personal website, where i share things that interest me, some services and blog posts. thank you for your visit.